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Rescue Labrador & Star of the “Run Bella Run to the Rescue” Campaign to Run Her 14th Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Country’s Seventh Largest Women’s Half Marathon Draws Thousands to Downtown Indianapolis

Indy Women's Half
Rescue Labrador

The Indy Women’s Half Marathon and 5K, taking place on Saturday, Sept. 29, is a race that women run for a variety of reasons. While some join the race to reach a personal record, others run to remember a love one or to support a cause. This year, Evansville’s Elizabeth Morgan is joining the field to support an organization dear to her heart – the Humane Society – and her famous running partner Bella the lab is joining her.

Great Results

Three years ago, Elizabeth, a long-time runner, had lost her passion for the sport after a string of injuries and a long-time focus on reaching a Boston-qualifying marathon time. She was burnt out and frustrated that things were just not going her way on the trails. This burnout led her to seek out a new running companion – a rescue Labrador retriever named Bella.


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